4. Enhanced survival of B16-F10 melanoma tumour-bearing C57BL6/N mice treated with a mixture of antioxidants Antonelli F and Beninati S
University of Rome Tor Vergata, Department of Biology, Rome Italy

Abstract. There is compelling evidence that habitual intake of adequate quantities of micronutrients with antioxidative properties helps reduce the risk of developing tumors in the general population, and a similar effect may exist for other diseases as well. For the purposes of the present work we focused our attention on a commercial available mixture of micronutrients (Citozym), testing antioxidant supplements, with the aim of collecting evidence linking suboptimal micronutrient status and tumor-bearing animals survival. A highly sensitive computerized image analysis method, performed on histological lung sections of mice injected with B16-F10 melanoma cells, was used to quantify the efficacy of the treatments. This study demonstrated that the treatment of tumor-inoculated mice with antioxidant supplements at low or high doses, was unable to reduce the invasive potential of melanoma cancer cell, meanwhile significantly improved the survival of tumor-bearing animals.

Correspondence/Reprint request:
Dr. Francesco Antonelli, University of Rome “Tor Vergata”, Department of Biology

Room 228 Via della Ricerca Scientifica, 00133 Rome, Italy. E-mail: francescoantone2008@libero.it

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